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Cost Effective

Get the best value for your money with our affordable solutions. We help you reduce expenses and grow revenue through our expert, cost-effective services.

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We deliver high-quality results through consistent, tech-driven processes that reduce errors and streamline your business.

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Your deadlines are ours too. Leverage AI and existing systems to build solutions faster, without any additional complexity.

What is your Goal Today?

Create Stunning Digital Experiences

  • Design User Experience (UX)
  • Design User Interface (UI)
  • Design and Develop Digital Product

Transform your Business Operations

  • Digital Transformation Consulting
  • Backoffice Operations and Optimization
  • Secure, Manage, and Optimize Your IT Infrastructure

Accelerate Marketing & Sales

  • Sales Funneling
  • Content Marketing
  • Brand Awareness
  • Advertising

Harness the Power of Data & Analytics

  • Insightful Business Dashboards
  • Digital Knowledge Repository
  • Smart Document Processing
  • AI-Powered Customer Support

Our Success Stories

Very Mulbberry

Discover how our technology consulting services helped the Mulberry U-Pick farm in Brentwood, California, stand out in a competitive cherry market, resulting in 50,000 people visiting the website within the first month.

  • User Experience: Very Mulberry’s digital transformation brought about an outstanding surge in website traffic. As a result, 50,000 people visited the website, and more than 6,000 people joined the mailing list. Within 30 minutes, prepaid limited tickets were sold out.
  • Digital Marketing: With successful email marketing and over 8000 social media engagements, Very Mulberry experienced increased interactions, repeat visits, and purchases, while Google and Facebook ads boosted U-Pick pre-bookings.
  • Customer Support: We offered continuous support throughout the entire season, including IT, Real-time customer support, and social media engagement.
  • AI Driven Chatbot: By leveraging AI with business data we were able to support customers with the latest business information on the website without any delay. We significantly improved the customer experience by enabling real-time assistance.
Technology Consultant for Very Mulberry
technology consultant for Superior Stay Hotel
superior Stay hotel

Explore how we helped Superior Stay Hotel, the leading hospitality brand in Marquette, Michigan, maintain its status as the most beloved hotel, with remarkable 4.9/5 Google reviews and the #1 ranking on TripAdvisor and other online platforms through our technology consulting expertise.

  • Reputation Management: By actively engaging with guest reviews, addressing guest feedback, and turning it into management actions, the hotel has improved guest experience.
  • Digital Marketing: Established brand awareness and increased the hotel’s online presence to attract more potential guests.
  • Revenue Management: Driving revenue growth for Superior Stay Hotel by implementing tailored strategies that optimize room rates and maximize occupancy.
  • User Experience: We designed the guest experience to address operational issues and enhance efficiency. This includes a guest app for easy exploration of local attractions, while digital check-in and check-out simplify processes, ensuring guest satisfaction.
  • Backoffice Operations and Optimization: The hotel operates efficiently with our support, including streamlined finances, rate management, IT services, guest services, HR, reputation management, centralized records, and seamless operations through IT maintenance and technical support.
Neelyx lab

Find out how our cutting-edge technology consulting solutions transformed Neelyx Labs,streamlining processes and enhancing patient experiences along their journey.

  • System and Software: We designed a cutting-edge, HIPAA-compliant platform that links different medical devices to a central portal, enhancing productivity and efficiency. This includes a lab portal that allows patients to conduct tests on their mobile devices and efficiently perform bulk tests.
  • Healthcare Portal for Patients: We created a patient portal that ensures a seamless journey for patients, from onboarding to report delivery. This user-friendly platform not only streamlines processes but also empowers patients with easy access to their health information.
  • Seamless E-commerce platform: Launched a user-friendly e-commerce platform that seamlessly connects with lab backend software, enabling patients to conveniently access self-test kits from the comfort of their homes.
Technology consultant for Neelyx

Small Team, Global Strategy

As your technology consultant, We are a small, customer-centric company dedicated to meeting the unique needs of your business by offering the best-fit solutions, whether through existing or customized options. Our team includes Designers, System Architects, Software engineers, Marketers and Back Office agents who work together to help your business grow and overcome challenges.

In today’s highly competitive era, We use cutting-edge AI solutions to offer effective and quality solutions to our customers. By leveraging emerging technologies, we drive innovation and unlock your organization’s full potential. Our commitment to customer satisfaction sets us apart, and we are here to support your business growth.

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